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Del Castillo Gray Slate

Sample of Del Castillo Gray Dry, MediumSample of Del Castillo Gray Dry, Close
Sample of Del Castillo Gray Dry, Simulated Roof
Sample of Del Castillo Gray Wet, MediumSample of Del Castillo Gray Wet, Close
Sample of Del Castillo Gray Wet, Simulated Roof

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A California Slate Company exclusive. Truly non-fading and non-weathering, Del Castillo Gray is difficult to find – we are the only U.S. company to carry it. It is a medium gray slate, lightly textured with just a vague hue of silver or blue. Unparalleled durability puts this remarkable slate in a class of its own. It will maintain its original look for generations.

Coming from Spain’s oldest operating quarry, which dates back to the 16th century, Del Castillo Gray adorns many of the stately buildings throughout Europe. It is especially prevalent in Madrid, as the quarry is located nearby.

The test results for Del Castillo are unequalled even by the Vermont slates. This means it can be used in extreme or high alpine conditions. Rated S1 Grade pursuant to ASTM standards. It is consistently easy to work (no power tools needed) and has a 100-year guarantee. Meets Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) to qualify as Title 24 Cool Roof Approved.

  • House built using Del Castillo slate.

Technical Details

Size: 16″ × 10″ and 16″ × 8″

Thickness: 14″ to 38(7 to 9mm)  

Weight: 950 lbs/sq.

Provenance: Spain

  • CE Conforming Declaration: