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Autumn Shades Slate

Sample of Autumn Shades Dry, MediumSample of Autumn Shades Dry, Close
Sample of Autumn Shades Dry, Simulated Roof
Sample of Autumn Shades Wet, MediumSample of Autumn Shades Wet, Close
Sample of Autumn Shades Wet, Simulated Roof

Autumn Shades Slate

Autumn Shades Slate is one of the most unusual and distinctive of all the slates quarried in the world. With a roughly textured surface and an inviting array of colors – a dark grey base with highlights in a stunning combination of yellows, orange, red, pink, and brown – there is no other slate like it. Autumn Shades Slate is rustic and earthy, yet sophisticated.

  • House built using Autumn Shades slate.

Technical Details

Size: 16″ × 8″ to 16″ × 10″

Thickness: 14″ to 34(majority between 38″ and 12″)

Weight: 1,200 lbs/sq.

Provenance: China