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Brazilian Charcoal Slate

Sample of Brazilian Charcoal Dry, MediumSample of Brazilian Charcoal Dry, Close
Sample of Brazilian Charcoal Dry, Simulated Roof
Sample of Brazilian Charcoal Wet, MediumSample of Brazilian Charcoal Wet, Close
Sample of Brazilian Charcoal Wet, Simulated Roof

Brazilian Charcoal Slate

A very hard, very uniform slate, Brazilian Charcoal Slate has a dark gray background with shades of pure black in individual slates. It creates a very pleasing effect when installed.

Brazil is a relative newcomer to the slate industry, yet one of the most technologically advanced, resulting in extremely high quality control and a slate that is one of the most consistent in the business.

The slate is very hard and, unlike most of the more traditional slates, requires power tools for installation. When installed, it makes a beautiful and durable roof.

Both standard and thicker, heavier tiles of this slate are available. The thicker tiles are at the higher end of the weight range.

  • House built using Brazilian Charcoal slate.

Technical Details

Size: 16″ × 10″ to 16″ × 8″

Thickness: 316″ to 12(“standard” between 316″ and 14″; “heavy” between 14″ and 12″)

Weight: 650 to 1,000 lbs/sq.

Provenance: Brazil

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