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Lugo Green Slate

Sample of Lugo Green Dry, MediumSample of Lugo Green Dry, Close
Sample of Lugo Green Dry, Simulated Roof
Sample of Lugo Green Wet, MediumSample of Lugo Green Wet, Close
Sample of Lugo Green Wet, Simulated Roof

Lugo Green Slate

Quarried near Lugo in northwestern Spain, Lugo Green is a refined slate with a green background and flecks of lighter gray green throughout. It has a smooth, even texture and carries the distinction of being one of the only colored slates from Spain. It is unfading which means it will retain its original appearance throughout its lifetime. Lugo Green Slate offers a sophisticated look that suits both classic and modern buildings. It can be used where a lightweight application is required.

Technical Details

Size: 16″ × 10″ and 16″ × 8″

Thickness: 316″ to 38(5–10mm)  

Weight: 600 to 1,000 lbs/sq.

Provenance: Spain

  • ASTM Testing Certificate:

  • CE Conforming Declaration: