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Burgundy Slate

Sample of Burgundy Dry, MediumSample of Burgundy Dry, Close
Sample of Burgundy Dry, Simulated Roof
Sample of Burgundy Wet, MediumSample of Burgundy Wet, Close
Sample of Burgundy Wet, Simulated Roof

Burgundy Slate

Deep rich hues of wine and plum give this Burgundy Slate a luxurious feel. Reminiscent of a Welsh slate, it does not fade or weather.

Burgundy Slate is rough textured, heavy, and when installed provides a very distinctive look. Finding a slate of this consistent color is becoming difficult, as domestic slates which are plum or purple in color either have a tendency to weather or contain markings of other colors (usually green).

This slate can create the look of an historical Welsh slate at a fraction of the cost.

Technical Details

Size: 16″ × 10″ to 16″ × 8″

Thickness: 38″ to 34 

Weight: 1,250 lbs/sq.

Provenance: China